ILA South Atlantic and Gulf Coast District Resolution



WHEREAS, on October 1, 2010, with little notice or explanation, Del Monte Fresh Produce Co. terminated its relationships in the South Jersey Port, Camden, New Jersey, that employed ILA labor.

WHEREAS, Del Montes decision ended a twenty two year working relationship with hundreds of union Iongshoremen in the region.

WHEREAS, the ILA will lose nearly one third of the work in the region as a result of Del Montes decision.

WHEREAS, Del Monte’s decision will devastate hundreds of area workers and their families, many of whom have served Del Monte faithfully for years, as well as undermine local communities that beneht from the union jobs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware; and

WHEREAS, the move by Del Monte, is even more troubling because Del Monte abandoned Camden and the ILA after securing from the ILA $5 million in wage and other labor concessions; and after the State of New Jersey, in an effort to keep the Del Monte jobs and business, agreed to massive infrastructure improvements, offered more acreage at no cost, and agreed to a cap on electricity bills to reduce Del Monte’s energy costs from $1.3 million to $700,000; and

WHEREAS, Del Monte made such demands and took such action after having experienced record—setting sales years in 2008 and 2009, with reported "net" profits of more than $300 million; and

WHEREAS, in response to Del Monte’s action, the ILA has called for a boycott of Del Monte products; and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that South Atlantic and Gulf Coast District, ILA extends solidarity and support to its ILA sisters and brothers and demands that Del

Monte restore this work to the men and women who served them faithfully for so long; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that South Atlantic and Gulf Coast District, protests Del Monte’ s action which will cause severe economic hardship to ILA workers, their families and the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware during the worst economic period since the Great Depression.