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Another showdown over Del Monte

The Inquirer posted Sun, Oct. 10, 2010

By Linda Loyd
Inquirer Staff Writer

Longshoremen aren't the only ones crying foul over Del Monte Fresh Produce Co.'s leaving
Camden for a competitor terminal in nearby Gloucester City.

The Del Monte container business rightfully belongs at Packer Avenue Marine Terminal in South
Philadelphia, and not Gloucester, under a 1991 provision in the Packer Avenue lease, says the
Philadelphia Regional Port Authority.

Maritime lawyers for the port have notified Packer Avenue lessee Astro Holdings Inc. and its
president, Thomas Holt Jr., that they have until Oct. 24 to send the Del Monte business to Packer
Avenue - along with a cargo crane in Gloucester that the port authority says should be in

Work stoppage hits ports

Posted on Tue, Sep. 28, 2010

By Linda Loyd

Longshoremen shut down the Port of New York and New Jersey and Packer Avenue
Marine Terminal in South Philadelphia Tuesday to protest Del Monte Fresh Produce
Co.'s move from Camden to a cheaper-labor terminal in Gloucester City.
Pickets by members of the International Longshoremen's Association forced work
stoppages at four ocean terminals in Port Elizabeth, Newark, and Bayonne, N.J. and
Staten Island, N.Y., idling 12 ships and costing each carrier about $50,000 a day, said
the New York Shipping Association.

Union pickets Del Monte at Camden port

Posted on Tue, Sep. 21, 2010

By Linda Loyd

Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer

Two hundred placard-carrying union longshoremen picketed Tuesday and refused to unload bananas, pineapples and melons from a Del Monte ship docked at Camden's Broadway Terminal to protest Del Monte's decision to shift 75 ships a year and 500,000 tons of cargo to a private terminal, where workers earn less.

Despite a lease through 2020 with South Jersey Port Corp., an offer of more acreage, a cap on electricity bills - and $5 million in wage concessions by the International Longshoremen's Association Local 1291 - Del Monte Fresh Produce Co. is moving its fruit ships Oct. 1 to private Gloucester Terminals L.L.C., owned by the Holt family.

Dock workers dump pineapples in protest

The Inquirer Posted on Mon, Sep. 6, 2010

By Jane M. Von Bergen


In a Labor Day demonstration, Philadelphia union dock workers dumped cases of Del Monte
pineapples into the Delaware River today to protest Del Monte's decision to switch its
banana shipping business to a different port.

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